Nicole Scherzinger looks nervous en route to Manchester for The X Factor final, snubbed band mate Kimberley Wyatt on Sunday’s show

Nicole Scherzinger has posted a picture of herself travelling to Manchester ahead of this year's X Factor final.

'What if Christopher Maloney actually won?' Nicole mused. Copyright [Instagram]

And in case you were wondering, Nicole travelled in a private car.

No real surprise there as she has never really struck us as a public transport kind of gal.

The singer is seen pensively looking out the window of her car as she made her way up north this morning.

Alongside the picture, Nicole wrote the caption: "It's the beginning of another very long day. Driving to the north of England now."

Oh well Nicole, it will all be over by Sunday.

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Over the weekend, Nicole Scherzinger had the opportunity to be reunited with her former Pussycat Dolls band mate Kimberley Wyatt who was in attendance at the X Factoras a guest on spin off show The Xtra Factor.

However, according to The Sun, the two avoided each other throughout the show.

An audience member told the paper: "It was awkward. When her presence was announced, Nicole swiveled round in her judge's chair, gave Kimberly a cool stare and didn't even wave before turning her back again."


Nicole reportedly snubbed former band mate Kimberley on Sunday. Copyright [Rex]

And a show insider also told the paper that the women were kept apart backstage too.

The insider said: "They were kept apart. There is no love lost. We've got enough fighting on the show without a catfight as well."

It was alleged that the girl band broke up in 2010 after Nicole Scherzinger decided she wanted to pursue a solo career.

Clearly there has been no love lost between Nicole and her band mates.

In other X Factor news, show bosses are allegedly in shock after seeing that cheesy act Christopher Maloney could be set to win the show.

A source has revealed to The Sun that bosses have become worried due to voting figures indicating that he isn't only getting the Liverpudlian vote but support from the rest of the country too.

The source revealed: "It's like nothing we've ever seen.

"When Irish singer Mary Byrne was on the show, the Irish vote was keeping her in. But with Christopher, everyone is voting for him."

The X Factor final will kick off on Saturday with Christopher Maloney, Jahmene Douglas or James Arthur being crowned the ninth winner of the show on Sunday.