Nicola Roberts sporty dress: love or loathe?

Nicola Roberts stepped out in this American football inspired baggy dress last night. But do you love it or do you hate it?

We're not sure about Nicola Roberts' dress. Copyright: [wenn]

Possibly an attempt to channel Olympic fever, although we are not sure American Football is a legit Olympic sport, Nic stepped out in this odd frock.

While we normally love Nicola's daring, quirky fashion we are undecided about this look.

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It sort of looks like when we put on our boyfriend's jumper to go to bed.

If our boyfriend was am American football player, anyway.

Or like one of those dodgy University jumpers everyone buys in Freshers' week.

Plus, we are not so sure that white, pointed stilettos exactly compliment or help the dress out at all.

Nic was launching her new TV show. Copyright: [wenn]

Ironically, Nicola was out at the launch for her new TV show, 'Styled to Rock' which judging by this look, should have been called 'Styled to Scrum'.


The show will feature Nic, Henry Holland and a little known singer called Rihanna (*squeal*) to find the next big British fashion designer.

This sounds like possibly the most A-List show ever and is even believed to feature Nic's old pal and band mate Cheryl Cole!

Along the way they are rumoured to be mentored and set tasks by: Rizzle Kicks, Little Mix and even Katy Perry! Well, she is Rihanna's mate after all.

Set the Sky+ now we reckon — this sounds too good to miss!

However, that doesn't make any excuses for this fashion faux pas. But who are we to know? Let's hand it over to you — do you love or loathe?