Nicki Minaj storms out of her seat and threatens to quit American Idol after her favourite leaves the show

Nicki Minaj threatened to quit American Idol last night when it emerged that her favourite contestant had landed in the bottom two.

Nicki Minaj threatened to quit American Idol last night. Copyright [Fox]

The 30-year-old rapper flew into a rage during last night’s results show after contestant Curtis Finch Jr polled the lowest votes alongside Devin Velez.

On hearing that Curtis was in jeopardy Nicki raged: “I definitely think Curtis should not be in the bottom two.

“I mean, I love Devin but I think that Curtis, if you look at every one of his performances, I mean - come on, America, are you kidding me?”

“I didn't think that your performance last night was your best, I think it was your worst.

“Curtis, if you go home, I go home.”

However, Nicki received a further blow when Ryan Seacrest revealed that Curtis had in fact received the lowest votes and would be leaving the competition.

Nicki Minaj stormed off set after hearing the final result. Copyright [Fox]

Nicki then leapt up from her seat from behind the judging desk and stormed off set.

How very Sharon Osbourne circa the X Factor series four of her.

This is not the first time that the rapper has caused controversy this series.

Nicki Minaj was late for the first live show. Copyright [Fox]

During the first live show earlier this week, producers were forced to start the episode without her after she arrived thirteen minutes late- blaming traffic for her tardiness.

And here we thought Mariah Carey was going to be the biggest Diva on this series of American Idol

How wrong we were.

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