Nicki Minaj continues to go on the charm offensive, calls Mariah Carey one of her ‘favourite artists of all time’

With the new series of American Idol just around the corner it seems that Nicki Minaj has had a change of heart regarding fellow judge Mariah Carey.

Nicki has tried the bury the hatchet with Mariah. [Wenn]

The two famously came to blows during the filming of auditions with Nicki allegedly threatening to shoot Mariah.

However, Nicki Minaj has now gone on the charm offensive, insisting that she feels privileged to be on the same panel as Mariah Carey.

She told "I say nice things about Mariah all the time. She's one of my favourite artists of all times.

“She's really shaped a generation of singers. To be on a panel with her, it's kind of crazy."

Hmmm, this all seems rather convenient considering the new series of American Idol airs next week.

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On hearing the compliment, Mariah responded by, you guessed it, complimenting Nicki Minaj back.

Mariah gushed: "That was obviously a very sweet thing to say. Nicki and I worked together very early on in her career and did a song - it's called 'Up Out My Face,' ironically.

“I did know, and feel, she was going to go very far."

Nicki and Mariah with the AI team. [Copyright Twitter]

Earlier this week however, Mariah Carey opened up (again) about the altercation between the pair, admitting that she didn’t feel safe around Nicki.

She said: "It felt like an unsafe work environment. Anytime anybody's reeling threats at somebody, you know, it's not appropriate."

"I'm a professional. I'm not used to that type of environment."

The ‘Hero’ singer did concede however that despite the bust up being uncomfortable, she would hope it helps the series’ ratings.

She explained: "For all the drama, I hope it helps the show."

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