Nick Grimshaw ribs friend Caroline Flack about her Harry Styles relationship

They're meant to be good friends but after her guest appearance on Nick Grimshaw's breakfast show today,  Caroline Flack may be crossing him off her Christmas card list.

Nick couldn't help but poke fun a Caroline this morning. Copyright [BBC]

During her appearance on Radio One's  Breakfast show, Caroline Flack found herself at the receiving end of a joke from Grimmy about her past relationship with teen heart throb Harry Styles.

It all started when Nick began to read out tweets from people who had been watching the show via webcam.

Nick told Caroline that she had been receiving quite a few compliments from the listeners and proceeded to read them out.

One comment that caught Caroline's attention was from a listener called Ben.

Nick read the tweet out saying: "Even Caroline Flack's voice is attractive, I'm actually in love with her, please tell her," to which Nick asked Caroline: "Do you want to go out with Ben from Southampton?"

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Agreeing to go out with him, Nick then suggested that he should probably go through an audition process in to see if he was eligible to become Caroline's boyfriend.

Nick suggested that Ben should send in a picture of himself along with three facts to which Caroline quipped: "And age!"

Not being able to help himself Nick retorted with: "Yes age is quite important! Send in money- how much you earn and age.

Caroline and Harry briefly dated despite their vast age difference. Copyright [Wenn]

"So preferably a rich teenage is what we are going for!"

Luckily, Caroline saw the funny side of the joke, bursting into laughter.

Nick, however, was not quite finished.

He then told Caroline: "You know what, I'm not even joking, we've got to play a record in a second. I've honestly not programmed this.

"Just have a guess what would be hilarious when Caroline Flack's on."

You've guessed it, One Direction.

Concerned for his friend, Nick asked Caroline if she would prefer him to play a David Guetta track instead.

What a good friend eh?