‘Nick Grimshaw is Harry Styles’ clinger-on, it’s weird!’ says Russell Howard

Russell Howard reckons that the bromance between Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw is 'weird'.

Russell has labelled Harry and Nick 'weird'. Copyirght: [wenn]

Speaking to The Sun, Russell says that he reckons Grimmy might be a bit of a One D clinger-on and is a bit too old to be hanging out with Harry.

Speaking about people who love being celebrities, Russell told the paper: "Some people latch into it and become friends with celebrities. It's so odd."

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"The one that intrigues me is Nick Grimshaw hanging out with Harry Styles."

Hmmm, tell us more..

"Like Nick is my age and Harry is about 18 and they play frisbee together — it's really weird."

It is true, Grimmy is ten years older than Harry.

Harry and Nick are BFFs despite the ten year age gap. [Copyright Wenn]

So it would seem that Russell is not a supporter of the Harry/Nick bromance.

It is true, they seem to live in each others pockets: they do everything together, omg! even joined the pair for a cinema date a while back.

Harry has been spotted out wearing Nick's clothes and we started to think it was the Harry Styles breakfast show when Nick first started out in the summer.

Still, we wouldn't say it was weird, more can we hang out too? What do you MEAN three's a crowd?! Pfft.