Niall Horan wants Tom Felton to play him in a movie, Harry Styles meanwhile opts for Johnny Depp at One Direction ‘This is Us’ New York Premiere- EXCLUSIVE

Niall Horan has revealed that he would love Harry Potter actor Tom Felton to play him in a movie about his life.

Niall Horan would love Tom Felton to play him in a movie of his life. Copyright [Rex]The 19-year-old pop star, along with his fellow One Direction band mates, revealed his dream leading man to play him in a theatrical movie of his life.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo! at the New York premiere of This is Us last night, Niall revealed when asked who he would love to see play him in a film:  “Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy.”

We did not see this coming, but we like the curve ball choice.

Liam Payne meanwhile decided that there was no one else better to play him than Tony Stark: “I’d go for Robert Downey Junior mate, what a geezer."

Niall then chipped in that Liam had a hint of the Downey Jnr about him to which a happy Liam replied: “Yes, I’ll go with that!”

One Direction revealed who they would love to see play them in a film of their lives. Copyright [Rex]A slightly flustered Zayn wasn’t quite sure who to go with (perhaps he was still thinking about future married bliss with Perrie Edwards), eventually answering: “Er, I don’t know. Vin Disel?”

Harry Styles went for Johnny Depp on a account of the actor being able to make him look effortlessly awesome on screen.

He explained: “I’d go Johnny Depp. He’d make you look cool even if you weren’t.”

Clearly impressed with Harry’s answer, Liam interjected: “Mate what a choice! You pulled it out the bag there.”

Someone’s a Pirates of the Caribbean fan then.

Finally, Louis decided on Leonardo Dicaprio, saying: “Well I love Leonardo Dicaprio. I think he’s sick so I’ll go with that.”

So what would the premiere of One Direction’s life story look like? Perhaps something like this….

This is what the premiere of the future film of One Direction's lives COULD look like...Copyright [Rex]

Perhaps not...

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One DIrection donned black ensembles for the premiere.Copyright [PA]
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