‘The Niall Horan romance rumours were funny, it was like Caroline Flack all over again!’ says Laura Whitmore – EXCLUSIVE

Laura Whitmore talks Niall Horan romance rumoursomg! clears ups once and for all what is going on with the One D singer

Laura Whitmore says that she found the Niall Horan romance rumours funny, joking that it was like 'Caroline Flack all over again'.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo omg! Laura cleared up all those pesky rumours concerning a certain Irish One Direction star once and for all.

Laura explained: "There's a lot of us who live in North London from Ireland, and when we go out suddenly people put us together! Even thought I'm 27 and he's 19!"

"He's like a little brother, he's a lovely, down to earth guy who is just living the dream right now."

So what did Laura think when suddenly everyone started linking the two stars?

"I thought it was Caroline Flack all over again! No, it was just rididculous... I ended up putting a tweet up saying 'relax fans'"

To cut things short: she never snogged him, has no plans to snog him and it was all a bunch of rumours.

We also presented Laura with some rather embarrassing childhood photos of lovely Niall which she had a quick giggle at.

Also in the video Laura revealed how much she fancies Ashley Roberts, talks about her fave TV and dishes the dirt on what Helen Flanagan was really like on I'm a Celeb.