Niall Horan parties with cousin Emma Horan, SHE gets Twitter hate

It seems if you're a girl partying with a member One Direction you are never safe from a bit of Twitter hate.

Niall Horan partied with his cousin Emma Horan (on the right)/Twitter

This time the Twitter abuse victim was Niall Horan's cousin Emma Horan - who partied with the 1D cutie back home in Ireland over the weekend.

Gorgeous blonde Emma was Twitpiced having a right laugh with Niall as the pair took to the town with friends for a boozy night.

But within hours Emma Horan was the new target of One Direction fan jealousy - with tweets flying around about the above picture of the pair of them together.

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Emma was forced to defend herself on Twitter as her profile got flooded with fans asking if the pair were dating.

She tweeted: "hes my cousin!!!" And added: "Why is everyone freaking out please chill stop trending my name. thanks"

But it wasn't long before the penny dropped that she was actually his relative (errr the matching surname might just have given it away).

Next thing, fans tweeted to stake their claim that THEY never hated on Emma Horan.

One tweeted: "Oh you thought Emma Horan was dating Niall Horan, so you sent her hate? You must be so smart."

Emma Horan's experience follows a Twitter backlash at other girls linked with the One Direction boys, including Caroline Flack , Danielle Peazer , Eleanor Calder and  Emma Ostilly - who ended up deleted her account.

Niall partied it up in his hometown of Mullinger in Ireland this bank holiday weekend.

Before long photos emerged of Niall Horan looking err pretty jolly as he flicked the finger at the camera.

Niall Horan had fun partying at home in Ireland/Twitter

Meanwhile Niall Horan's One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson has reportedly insured his bum for £100,000. Yes really.

He said: "Some would call our fans crazy, but we feel they are passionate…

"They do like to touch us and feel us, and it is a bit strange. Some of the lads have been touched in some unusual places.

"Our bodyguards can only do so much. No-one has sustained any injuries yet, but you never can be too careful."