Niall Horan does NOT have a spotty bum, his Twitter was hacked. Sleep easy Britain.

Breaking news just in... Niall Horan does NOT have a spotty bum rather someone with or without a spotty bum hacked into his Twitter.

Sitting on someone you'd rather not share with the world, Niall?! Copyright: [rex]

Well, that's the story Niall's spinning anyway.

The delightful tweet in full read as follows:

It read: "Have a massive spot on my arse. Wondering should I squeeze it. What do ye think?"

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EW and EW again.

However, may we just say that if we managed to hack into Niall Horan's Twitter (which would never happen as we are such honourable types) we probably would have gone for something a BIT more creative but hey, ho...

'Oh NO! Everyone thinks i have a spotty bum!' Copyright: [rex]

Understandably, a predictably mortified Niall, 19,  quickly deleted the offending tweet and apologized to fans.

"OK I don't know what happened with that last tweet."

Hmmm, well we think WE might Niall...

We reckon it was one of those One Direction lads as they do have a history of playing pranks.

Our money's on Harry Styles... never trust a curly bonce with a crafty smile.

Or maybe Niall Horan just has a spotty bum? Well, it's one or the other frankly.

Well, until Niall tweeted a little later that his account had been hacked: "I got hacked again," he posted.

But then he WOULD say that, wouldn't he? *giggles*

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