Niall Horan chats up Harry Styles’ stripper, tries to impress her with a cake fight

We will be honest, when we heard Harry Styles had a surprise stripper for his birthday we did think she wouldn't get away without a little bit of a chatting up.

LAD. Copyright: [Twitter]

Well, this is One Direction's Harry Styles we are talking about, the biggest ladies man in pop!

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However, in fact Harry was behaving himself all night and it was his band mate Niall Horan who was cracking on!

Niall was the one chatting up the stripper! Copyright: [twitter/wenn]

Yep, according to the Mirror, Niall was the one who came over all smitten with Harry's gift.

The source says: "Niall had his arm around the stripper at one point and was talking to her before she left. He was taking more of an interest in her."

It is unconfirmed as to whether she was wearing clothes at this point however, we do know that she was a classy strippy type and kept her bra and knickers on at all times.

However, when his advances were failing Niall resorted to chucking cake around in a bid to impress his new scantily clad lady target.

“It [the cake] was decimated because people ate it with their hands,” added the source. “They just pulled it apart and ­started throwing it at each other.”

Obviously, a cake fight being what all women look for in a potential life partner.

However, Niall's efforts went unappreciated and off she went to strip else wheres. Gutted.

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