Natalie Cassidy loses weight, looks amazing

Natalie Cassidy has lost a whole bunch of weight and is looking absolutely amazing:

Nat looks beyond gorgeous. Copyright: [Now!]

Yep, Sonia from Eastenders is looking rather excellent, isn't she?

Almost enough to put us off our mince pies...

Well, maybe anyway.

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So what exactly has she done in exchange for this killer bod and what can we do to get one too?

Speaking to Now! magazine, Natalie confessed that it's all down to loads of exercise and a healthy diet.

And when we say loads, we mean it - Natalie confessed that she hits the gym a whopping six times a week now.

This is what going to the gym six times a week looks like. Copyright: [Now!]

Nat told the mag: "My ultimate goal was to look curvy, toned and fit. So I've been doing 60-minute sessions at the gym six days a week."

Makes us a bit of of breath just thinking about it...

"There were days I couldn't be bothered, but as soon as I started seeing results the more alive I started to feel. I'll even get up early and run on Christmas Day!"

Er, yeah admiring the dedication and all that but count us out of that one...

Now excuse us while we pop off to chain ourselves to the treadmill.

Read the feature in full in this week's Now! out er, now!

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