Naomie Harris narrowly avoids Oscars wardrobe malfunction with risky thigh high split, eek!

Skyfall star Naomie Harris chanced a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at last night's Oscars when she opted for this gown featuring a hip to ankle slit.

Naomie's dress featured a very risky slit. Copyright: [getty]

Talk about risky! The lady is pretty much one step too far from a cringe pants flash.

However, Naomie managed to keep her modestly very much covered as she walked the red carpet.

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What a professional, eh?!

And to be honest if we had a pair of pins like Naomie's we would probably be pretty keen on getting them out too.

Naomie Harris managed to keep her bits covered despite the ridic slit. Copyright: [getty]

However, for a minute, we thought we could have had another Gemma Chan at the BAFTAs type knicker flash.

Nostalgic cringe:

Poor Gemma Chan flashed her knickers at the BAFTAs this year. Copyright: [getty]

And it wasn't just Naomie's legs that had everyone talking, it was also a pretty huge night for the Bond girl.

Skyfall was nominated in a whopping five categories, receiving more nods than any other Bond film in history.

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