N-Dubz Dappy’s trial for affray is delayed because he’s in the music industry

There are certainly perks to being a celebrity but we never knew the ability to delay a court trial was one of them but that's what Tulisa's cousin, Dappy has been allowed to do.

dappyDappy has had his trial date delayed. [Copyright: WENN]

The former N-Dubz star has had his trial for affray delayed until January 2013 to enable him to continue with his work commitments that include going on tour.

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Dappy is due in court after he and three other men aged 24 to 31 were accused of having a fight in a petrol station leaving three men with facial injuries.

Thanks to his growing career in the music biz, the rapper has had his court date postponed because of his tour and the release of his debut solo album, Bad Intentions.

Opps — that name doesn't work so well after this news!

Dappy's record label pushed for the trial delay after they are believed to have forked out £1 million on the album plus tour costs.

His lawyer, Jimmy Vakil told the Guildford Crown Court: "My client is in the music industry and he has a number of commitments."

And that's apparently all it took!

The four defendants were bailed, but we imagine Dappy will be keeping his head down for now…