Myleene Klass has an awkward wardrobe malfunction, wears see-through leggings and shows off her underwear - at least they're M&S knickers

Myleene Klass had one of those wardrobe malfunctions yesterday afternoon, showing off her knickers through her leggings.

Myleene Klass had an awkward wardrobe malfunction, showing off her knickers through her see-through leggings. Copyright …

Running some errands with her daughter Hero, Myleene had clearly rushed out of the gym, sporting a tight black top and leggings under a leather jacket.

And while she might have a killer body to show off, it didn't stop her making the 'leggings that aren't thick enough' faux pas.

Bending over to get something out of her car, Myleene revealed a pair of black french knickers (blatantly M&S, we totally own those ones*) through said leggings.

[ *UPDATE: It appears Myleene is wearing Littlewoods pants, we stand corrected ]

The 35-year-old mum of two completed her yummy-mummy post-gym look with a fedora, grey lace-less Converse and a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

Myleene finally got her divorce from Graham Quinn last week, in a hearing that lasted just 100 seconds.

Myleene Klass was busy running errands with her daughter, Hero, and looked incredible, despite the faux pas. Copyright …

And while the worst is over, she says she's been working hard to keep a strong face on for her daughters; Ava, five, and Hero, two.

Myleene told Fabulous: "People say these things make you stronger but... it's not that I'm stronger. It's more that I didn't realise how strong I already was.

"Sitting there wallowing and feeling sorry for yourself doesn't help anyone. I've learned to be like water - keep on finding the cracks that lead to the river. Just keep on moving.'

And today she's keeping up the Wonder Woman routine, speaking out for feminism and hitting back at those that 'bash' strong women.

She told The Independent: "Give every woman a break for Christ’s sake. Women are so good when they’re helping each other, but there’s a horrible culture at the moment, which I do not buy into whatsoever, that criticises all the time … everyone has to stop telling [them] what to do."

Big up to the Girl Power.

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