Myleene Klass, you could lose a small child in that hat but you know what? We rather love it.

Myleene Klass seems to be getting in the winter spirit, stepping out today in this frankly, ginormous furry hat.

Myleene, is that you in there? Copyright: [rex]

Yes, it might have been unseasonably warm in London today but that wasn't going to stop Myleene donning her hugest furry hat.

And when we say huge, we mean it.

We reckon you could lose small children in that hat.

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Just where exactly does one purchase such a beast of a hat?

We want to know, as 'huge furry hat' is most definitely being added to the Christmas list ASAP!

However, is it even definitely Myleene Klass in there? She's so hidden it may as well be Pete Burns or any other lover of furry garments.

And while we are here, we may as well have a big furry hat off, well why one earth not!

Thank you Lydia Bright for providing the opposition:

Do you love Lydia's furry head gear? We just can't decide! Copyright: [rex]

If two celebs are going to wear similarly huge furry hats, then it would be rude not to, frankly.

We wonder though, should Myleene's win by default just by sheer size?