Myleene Klass has the fastest selling knickers in knicker history *round of applause*

Myleene Klass has the fastest selling knickers of all time

Myleene doesn't need her come to bed eyes in that outfit. [Copyright Littlewoods]

Ok, let us clarify that.

Myleene's range of underwear for Littlewoods is the fastest selling celebrity endorsed range of underwear ever!

Yep, that means out of all the celebrity under crackers on sale in the UK, Myleene's reigns supreme.

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Her bra and knicker sets flew off the shelves and sold out within days of appearing in the press, exceeding sales expectations by a whopping 400% in the first week!

No we're no Alan Sugars, but that sounds pretty impressive to us!

And we reckon snaps like this don't hurt sales:

Myleene gets cheeky for the camera. [Copyright Littlewoods] But it's not only Myleene's knickers that are winning her all sorts of awards, her bikini is too!

Ms Klass has been voted I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here's ultimate bikini babe by the readers of The Sun.

Well, who could forget *that* white bikini:

The years have been more than kind to Myleene. [Copyright Littlewoods/Wenn]

Up on hearing the news Myleene tweeted a celebratory 'Whoop!'.

Is anyone else completely and utter NOT surprised by this news?

Myleene is gorge, and we don't need a poll to tell us this.