Myleene Klass adds to her huge wardrobe, wears massive lampshade dress

Myleene Klass stepped out last night sporting a frankly massive lampshade dress:

Little lady, big skirt. Copyright: [rex]

Myleene's huge dress was in honour of last night's Drapers Fashion Awards held at the super posh Grovenor House.

This got us thinking, which fashion award would omg! give to Myleene Klass?

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Well, judging her recents fashions it would have to be the services to oversized fashion.

Perhaps Myleene has just shrunk so all her clothes look huge, but whatever the explanation, the star really does love

Just check out the evidence...

First case in point, Myleene's huge furry hat:

Myleene, is that you in there? Copyright: [rex]

Fabulously ginormous, we are sure you would agree.

And just check out this equally furry, rather large coat Myleene was rocking last week:

Myleene looked furry furry nice in her coat. Copyright [Wenn]

And just check out this extra long gown that Myleene was rocking at The Classical Brits:

HUGE gown! Copyright: [wenn]

It's official... Myleene Klass loves anything huge in her wardrobe.

But before you shout Bridget Jones, apart from one thing!

Underneath that huge wardrobe, we all know that she is wearing these:

Myleene also likes to show off her knickers. [Copyright Littlewoods]

It seems with Myleene, there really isn't a middle ground - it's huge or nothing, literally!

Not so huge, but just as hot.