New mum Imogen Thomas talks about her ‘perfect’ daughter Ariana, admits to taking over 400 photos of her already

Imogen Thomas has given her first interview since giving birth to baby Ariana earlier this month.

Imogen Thomas has been gushing about her newborn baby Ariana. Copyright [Instagram]

The 30-year-old reality TV beauty gave birth to daughter Ariana on February 10, weighing in at 6lb 2 ½ oz.

Talking to The Sun, Imogen admitted that she thinks her daughter is perfect and has already taken a shed load of photos of her.

She said: “I think she looks exactly like me. She’s got my nose — though you can sort of see Adam’s lips. I must have taken 400 photos in a week.

“I know it sounds biased but I think she’s perfect.”

Imogen Thomas rose to fame after competing in the seventh series of Big Brother.

After a few years of modeling for lads mags, the reality TV star slowly began to fade back into obscurity until her affair with footballer Ryan Giggs was exposed.

Imogen wouldn't have met Adam and therefore had Ariana if it wasn't for Giggs affair. [Copyright/Wenn]

Despite facing a tough time from the media and the public following this revelation, Imogen admits that Ariana has made the nightmare worth going through.

She explained: “I believe in fate 100 per cent. I know I wouldn’t be here today with this gorgeous baby if all that horrible stuff hadn’t happened.

“I would never have been in the bar where I met Adam if I wasn’t trying to put it all behind me. Now I’ve got a perfect family and a fresh start. It’s mad.”

During her pregnancy, Imogen revealed that she would be having a C-section leading to users of Twitter claiming she thought she was ‘too posh to push’.

Imogen has refuted these claims, saying that she was planning on having a natural birth until she was advised against it.

She said: “Some people were saying I thought I was too posh to push.

“Seriously, I have no problem pushing — I had a natural birth all planned out. I had to do what the doctor advised.”

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