New mum Imogen Thomas admits to being sleep deprived following the birth of daughter Ariana

Imogen Thomas has admitted that like most new mums, she is feeling the strain of having a new born baby to look after.

Imogen Thomas has confessed she's feeling sleep deprived. Copyright [Twitter/Imogen Thomas]

The 31-year-old model took to Twitter to reveal that after being kept up all night by baby Ariana, she would love nothing more than to get some sleep.

She wrote: “That's all I want tonight is sleep....pls pls pls let me have it!!! #begging xxx”

Sorry to break it to you Imogen but we have a feeling you’ll be having quite a few more interrupted sleeps for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately for Imogen, it seems that she tempted fate earlier on this week by claiming that daughter Ariana was a ‘sleeper’.

She posted yesterday: “Totally jinxed myself by saying I have a sleeper! 1 hour so far... !!! #shattered xx”

Imogen followed up this tweet with another, claiming that Ariana had had a growth spurt since the last time she put her down to sleep.

Imogen Thomas showed off baby Ariana this week. Copyright [new]

She wrote: “Growth spurt....def what's going on!!! 3hrs all night til now. And all the commotion before and during feed x”

We’re not sure that’s entirely possible Imogen- we think you may be over tired.

The reality TV star unveiled baby Ariana to the public this week after giving birth two weeks ago.

Talking to Star magazine, Imogen vowed to lose her excess baby weight by the summer.

She said:"I want to be a size ten by the summer. I know I said before that I wanted to lose it in four weeks, but I'm not putting pressure on myself like that. I've just given birth - who cares about losing it in a month?"

We don’t think you’d have the time even if you wanted to, Imogen.

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