Mollie King makes friends with blow-up doll, Pandemonia, at LFW... ends up stroking a blow-up dog

Mollie King had a bit on an awkward moment on the front row at London Fashion Week today.

Mollie King ended up sitting next to blow-up doll, Pandemonia, at London Fashion Week today. Copyright [Rex]

The Saturdays singer ended up sitting next to blow-up doll, Pandemonia, at the Felder Felder show.

Looking like she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her, Mollie smiled sweetly and chatted away to the doll, even stroking her blow-up dog as photographers snapped away.

Poor Mollie was clearly keen to pretend the whole ordeal hadn't happened, instead tweeting a picture of herself sitting next to VV Brown and Kate Nash with not a mention of Pandemonia.

Mollie King ignored Pandemonia and instead tweeted a picture of herself sitting with VV Brown and Kate Nash (who …

The 25-year-old dressed up for the first day of LFW in a grey halter dress, pairing the frock with bright yellow peep-toe heels and her favourite Chanel bag.

Pandemonia looked as plastic-fantastic as always, showing up Mollie's slightly tangoed legs in a pair of pale pink latex tights.

Mollie King looked like she wanted to cry when Pandemonia asked her to stroke her blow-up dog. Copyright [Rex]

The doll was created by a conceptual artist and has been a regular face on FROW of some of the biggest LFW shows since 2009.

But Mollie clearly wasn't impressed by Pandemonia's ensemble or artistic flair, instead doing everything she could to lean towards VV and Kate to chat.


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