Mollie King tweets the extent of The Saturdays’ makeup, we’re in awe

Being in The Saturdays automatically means you have to look incredible whatever the occasion.

Mollie KingMollie King tweeted this photo of all of The Saturdays' makeup. Copyright [Mollie King]Just the other day, The Saturdays stepped off an 11 hour flight styled to perfection and looking stunning.

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And now Mollie King has revealed the extent of The Saturdays' makeup, we're beginning to see how they manage look so polished all the time.

Mollie King tweeted a photo of The Saturdays' makeup table and we're truly in awe.

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays looked amazing when they arrived in the US this weekend. Copyright [WENN]We have NEVER seen so many lipsticks, eyeshadows, fake lashes, blusher and eyeliner. In fact, we'd go so far as to say it's every girl's dream. Please can we have a raid through it?

Mollie tweeted the snap alongside the funny caption: "Just a natural makeup look today then..."

The Saturdays are back in the states, needing to look better than ever as they promote their reality TV show.

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays looking red carpet ready. Copyright [WENN]After landing in LA at the weekend, the Sats headed straight into work, with TV appearances and performances all over the place.

However, it seems that the girls are all pretty jet lagged. Rochelle Humes tweeted: "Urgh! Not be able to get to sleep when u know u need to is soooo annoying..."

Frankie Sandford was also suffering, saying: "Hmmm awake at 4.47am... What to do?..."

Well even if they are severely jet lagged, at least they'll look the part.

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