Mollie King overdoes the fake tan, we forgive her because her outfit’s GORGEOUS

Mollie King arrived in LA today and it looked as though she'd slightly overdone the fake tan ahead of her trip Stateside.

Mollie King looks like she's overdone the fake tanMollie King looked like she'd overdone the fake tan as she arrived in LA. Copyright [Splash]Mollie King landed in LA, and as she pushed her luggage through the airport (she's no diva,) she looked a bit over bronzed.

However, we can forgive her for her tanning blunder because not only was she heading to sunnier climes (and therefore probably wanted a sunkissed glow,) but her outfit was GORGEOUS.

Mollie King arrives in LAMollie King was full of smiles as she arrived in LA to work with the Backstreet Boys. Copyright [Splash]The Saturdays singer nailed preppy chic in a pink jumper, white blouse, beige skirt and beige trench coat.

And the 25 year old was also full of smiles as she made her way through the airport.

Mollie is in America without her Saturdays bandmates to sit in on Backstreet Boys recording a song that she wrote.

Mollie King shows off her tanned legsMollie King showed off her tanned legs. Copyright [WENN]Yeah, no biggie.

Mollie dropped this casual piece of news on Twitter yesterday, saying: "Ever since i was 8 years old Backstreet Boys have been my favourite band in the whole world…"

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She continued: "..Tomorrow I fly out to LA to be in the studio with them while they record a song I’ve written for their album!!! #DreamsCanComeTrue."

This just further proves what we've thought for a while. Mollie is gorgeous, stylish AND talented. We want to be her.