Misha B accused of BULLYING X Factor acts by their judges. Ooooh

Oh my, the X Factor ended with a bang tonight when the judges erupted into a finger-pointing rabble of scandal with both Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh accusing Misha B of bullying their acts *omg face*

Misha B: bully? / Rex

Misha brought Rock Week to a close with her amazing rendition of 'Purple Rain.' It was the performance of the night, following a load of mediocre song choices and poor vocals, but her music was overshadowed by the scandal that followed.

Louis kicked off the judges' comments with his suggestion that Misha was "too over-confident" and Tulisa took things even further, after calling Misha the "star of the show."

Tulisa told Misha: "You're very competitive." Talking about the backstage shenanigans, she added: "You don't realise you're doing it, but you're being so feisty you can come across as mean."

Who says, Tulisa? "There's been a few comments from contestants that  you've been mean to them."

Oooooh. What advice do you have for Misha then, Tulisa? "Put aside the attitude."

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Tulisa and Louis both accused Misha of being a bully / Rex

Louis also claimed one of his acts had told him Misha was bullying her. Ooh is that Sami or Kitty?

Gary Barlow was having none of it, saying: "I'm here to judge what you do onstage. I don't care what goes on backstage."

Well, Gaz, if that's the case then why are you crying on about Frankie Cocozza's extra-curricular activities, hmmm?

Kelly Rowland defended Misha too (obvs), saying: "We leave things backstage."

The split in the panel is just becoming more obvious week on week, isn't it? Gary and Kelly (or Gelly, if you will) versus Tulisa and Louis (or Touis, as we've renamed them). Whose side are you on?

Gary and Kelly reckon what happens backstage stays backstage / Rex

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In other news, Rock Week failed to ignite our flame, with Tulisa completely missing the point and failing to give her acts appropriate tunes. The Risk gave a good-ish performance of Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy' but they didn't live up to their amazing standard last week. Poor Ashley has laryngitis, so that's fair enough. Rhythmix did a Ke$ha 'Tik Tok' slash Salt n Pepa 'Push It' mash-up. Again, not exactly 'rock' Tulisa, but a fab combo and the girls did OK.

Gary's boys were a mixed bag. Marcus Collins gave good dance with 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' but his tight trousers weren't doing it for us, and the vocals were just alright. Craig Colton's 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' was well delivered but bor-ing. Frankie Cocozza needed to give a good showing and his 'Get Your Rocks Off' was much better than last week (which isn't saying much).

Kelly's girls gave us highs and lows. We love Sophie Habibis big time, but her ballad version of 'Living On A Prayer' was out of tune it too many places. Note to Tulisa: it's pronounced ball-AD (not ball-ID) *giggles* Janet Devlin's 'Sweet Child Of Mine' was at least in tune and in her own style, but a bit boresville. Misha B, we've already been there. Amaze vocal but boy was that bullying allegation ouch-worthy.

Louis' overs were sublime slash ridiculous slash 80s. Sami Brookes was given a bad song choice with 'Turn Back Time' while Kitty Brucknell's 'Live And Let Die' promised so much but fell down with too many bum notes. Even her Madonna ponytail and all those flames couldn't distract us enough. Johnny Robinson's 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love' stole the show: he got the judges and audience clapping along, and despite his shaking hand he brought The Darkness song on home. Legend.

The big talking point tonight was none of the music, unfortunately, but the bullying scandal. As we scratch our heads as to who Misha is being 'mean' to (answers on a postcard) we'll also take bottom two predictions. Word on Twitter is Sophie, Frankie or Sami...

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