Misha B: The Voice will grow with time, The X Factor didn’t always have huge ratings - EXCLUSIVE

Misha B has claimed that she believes The Voice does not need to worry about its low ratings as it is still trying to find its feet.

Misha B thinks the The Voice's ratings will improve with time. Copyright [Rex]Talking exclusively to omg! Misha B explained that when The X Factor started out it didn’t have massive ratings - and if The Voice continues over the next few years it will probably find a growth in its viewership.

She told us: “I think it’s a growth, nothing happens over night, the  X Factor has been going for ten years.

“Looking back, their figures when they first started must not have been sky rocketing so it’s a growth and progress.

“I do think over the years it will pick up. X Factor has got a lot of coverage, it’s exciting, people look forward to it.”

The Voice went head to head with Britain’s Got Talent last weekend and has since moved its time slot to avoid hitting a ratings slump.

Misha, however, revealed that she prefers to watch The Voice over Britain’s Got Talent.

She said: “I’ve not watched Britain’s Got Talent in a long time but I watched The Voice.

“I love will.i.am, I think his personality is on point, full of life and I think he’s very interesting.

“Being based on what they hear and not what they see is great.”

Misha B is currently promoting new single 'Here's to Everything'.Misha is currently gearing up for the release of her third single ‘Here’s To Everything [Oh La La]’.

Talking about the single, Misha explained that it is a celebration of everything life throws our way.

She explained: “The single is more so a celebration of life. A celebration and a toast to life. It’s taking the lows, the highs, adding a bit of water, mixing up and drinking it.

“I’ve been wanting to write a song entitled or just surrounding the concept here’s to everything.  Here’s to the bad days that we have, here’s to good ones. Here’s to all the different things in life that makes life, life.

“I’d say it dub step infused with a splash reggae and dance. Everybody who knows me knows I love a good dance!”

Here's To Everything [Oh La La] is out April 28th through Relentless Records.