Miranda Kerr suffers wardrobe malfunction, flashes side boob, oops

Miranda Kerr usually looks absolutely perfect, but today she suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, unintentionally flashing A LOT of side boob.

Miranda Kerr had a wardrobe malfunction, flashing a lot of side boob during a photoshoot. Copyright [Splash]

Miranda Kerr was doing a photoshoot in L.A. when her pretty patterned dress pulled to the side and left her flashing side boob.


But, let's face it, Miranda Kerr still looked absolutely blimmin' amazing, despite the minor wardrobe malfunction.

Miranda Kerr looked gorgeous in the side-boob flashing dress.The model was dressed perfectly for the LA sunshine, in the asymmetrical patterned dress which she wore with a pair of cream boots, sunglasses and a clutch bag.

Miranda Kerr has made numerous public appearances recently, looking more gorgeous than ever.

She stepped out to an Oscars pre party, as well as the Vanity Fair Oscars after party in stunning dresses which flaunted her figure.

Miranda Kerr also flaunted her cleavage at an Oscars party last week. Copyright [Splash]But the Victoria's Secret model recently revealed that looking THAT hot is down to a carefully controlled diet.

Miranda, who's married to Orlando Bloom, said: "I live by the philosophy that beauty starts from within, and in my line of work as a model I pay a lot of attention to what I put into my body."

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She went on to reveal that she's '80% healthy, 20% indulgent,' and loves a plate of chips.

The model, who's mum to Flynn, 2, said: "If you feel like [eating] some chocolate, have a little piece of chocolate. Allow yourself to have a little indulgence without going overboard. Don't do it every day."

Yeah, of course. There's no WAY we have chocolate every day.


Kim Kardashian flashed rather a lot of breast whilst wheeling North around. Not very school mom. Copyright [Splash]
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