Miranda Kerr gets almost naked in teeny underwear, we are in awe

Further evidence has arrived that Miranda Kerr has the most perfect body in not only celebland but also we reckon, the universe:

Miranda, can we have your abs? Thanks. Copyright: [Victoria's Secret]

See what we mean? It's just incredible.... slash unfair.

Plus, thanks to Kerr we are almost definitely going to the gym tonight.

Miranda is modelling a new range of bridal underwear (so yes, pants for under your bridal gown) for home of all ridiculously gorgeous women, Victoria's Secret.

Miranda puckers up. Copyright: [Victoria's Secret]

Which is funny because modelling these we reckon Miranda could convince probably just about any man on earth to marry her.

Heck, looking like this even we kind of want to marry her.

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So how do we get a body like Miranda's? Well according to the lady herself all we need to do is pop out a baby and then run after it a bit.

Miranda claims: "I’ve been doing yoga for more than ten years, but the way I really stay in shape is by spending so much time dancing and running with my son."

All down to a bit of yoga appaz. Copyright: [Victoria's Secret]

Yeah, to be honest the only way that is going to work is if we strap weights to our kids and do reps with them 100 times a day.

And Miranda goes on to say as well as doing just a bit of yoga and chasing, also eat well, whatever you want:

"You have to give your body the nutrients it needs and, always within limits, you should never deprive yourself of anything. Life is for living!"

We somehow think we might have slightly different results on this Miranda Kerr diet and fitness plan.

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