Millie Mackintosh worries what her Mum thinks of Professor Green’s Twitter posts

Professor Green has always been vocal about his opinions on social networking site Twitter.

Made In Chelsea Millie Mackintosh Professor GreenMillie was slightly concerned about Professor Green's tweets. Copyright [Rex]

However, now it seems that Pro’s tendency to share with the world could land him in hot water with his girlfriend’s parents.

Girlfriend Millie Mackintosh took to Twitter today to share her concerns about what her Mum would think of Pro’s tweets after it became apparent that Mother Mackintosh is a regular user of Twitter.

Millie tweeted: “my mum reads twitter.. what must she think of my other half!”

We wonder what Millie could have been referring to?

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Well, on closer inspection Millie’s tweet was sent out around the same time that Pro made a somewhat personal revelation on the site.

He tweeted: “first poo in three days, that was an event. looked like a mould of my lower intestines. i only just refrained from instagramming it.”

Yep, that ought to do it.

Some things really should be left untweeted.

Pro has always been vocal on Twitter. Copyright [Wenn]

On a more serious note, Professor Green previously tweeted his thoughts on the Justin Bieber fan’s reactions to the story that he had been pictured smoking weed.

He wrote: “so what's more dangerous, artists who are honest and forthcoming about their imperfect lifestyles or teen icons who portray a false perfect?”

Fans of the ‘Boyfriend’ singer had apparently decided to cut themselves when they read the news.

An incensed Pro continued: “Children cutting themselves because Bieber smokes weed?

“idealisms are always dangerous, and parents need to f*****g parent their children. people need to be realistic. #theworldisntpinkandfluffy”

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