Millie Mackintosh poses with a baby, looks broody. Watch out Professor Green!

We've always thought that Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green would have adorable babies.

Millie MackintoshMillie Mackintosh and the cute baby. Copyright [Millie Mackintosh]And now Millie Mackintosh has had her photo taken with a baby with a big broody look on her face, we're wondering whether she's thinking of babies with Professor Green.

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After all, Millie and Professor Green are moving in together very soon and already have a couple of dogs for practice.

Professor Green looked pretty terrified when paired with a baby. Copyright [Millie Mackintosh]Having said that, we don't think babies go very well with the assortment of designer shoes and bags that Millie Mackintsoh loves so much.

And then there was that photo a few months ago of Professor Green holding a baby and looking completely terrified.

Babies aside, Millie Mackintosh looks to be planning a gorgeous makeup look for Valentine's Day.

Millie MackintoshMillie Mackintosh has been sharing Valentine's Day beauty ideas. Copyright [Millie Mackintosh]Being a professional makeup artist before Made in Chelsea began, Millie knows her makeup.

She's tweeted a series of looks for us to try on February 14th, and whichever she goes for we're sure Professor Green will approve.

We reckon that despite his hard persona, Pro Green will have lined up something super romantic for his Made in Chelsea girlfriend.

For her birthday in the summer, Pro Green arranged a surprise trip to New York, and back in December the rapper took her to exclusive restaurant, The Fat Duck, for a romantic meal. Romantic because a main meal there costs £159.

Whatever they do, we hope there are plenty of pictures of their date.