Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green tweet cute Twitter holiday snap, spot the new facial hair

As if there weren't enough celebrities showing off their tanned bodies whilst we resemble Twilight vampires here in Blighty, Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh have joined the happy club.

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh tweeted this cute snap of them on holiday. Copyright [Instagram/Professor …

The Made In Chelsea star and her man have headed off a two-week sunshine break (not jealous, not jealous at all).

And last night they shared a cute bronzed snap of the two of them together on social networking site Instagram.

Musician Pro posted the snap of the pair of them in their holiday gear alongside the hashtag #aviators.

MIC's Mills looks her usual gorgeous self, in a strappy top and with a pair of RayBans on and what looks like a rather nice sun tan.

But we couldn't help but notice an addition to Professor Green's look - SERIOUS NEW FACIAL HAIR.

The British star, who donned a Breton striped vest for the picture, showed off a moustache and goatee beard in the rugged shot.

Made In Chelsea's Millie is on holiday with her man looking gorgeous. Copyright [Instagram/Millie Mackintosh]

And although the couple, who've been dating since February last year, look like they're as loved up as ever, Pro revealed that him and beach holidays don't really mix.

He told his followers that he's been suffering from insect bites, posting: "The bloody mossies are doing my nut in though, itching and scratching like a skag head! #britabroad #mossiesdontrespectthedeetspray"

And it's clear his stomach isn't too happy with the change of scenery, as he shared a little too much with his fans: "first poo in three days, that was an event. looked like a mould of my lower intestines. i only just refrained from instagramming it."


And it's not like the two have spent the whole time lying on their backs - Pro Green revealed that he'd ridden a horse for the first time. And actually quite liked the experience.

He tweeted: "first time i've ever had a male between my legs. . . my b******* and a*** aren't half sore! nah, didn't have gay s**, i rode a horse."