Miley Cyrus shows off her toned tum yet again in a crop top, rocks prisoner chic

Miley Cyrus just loves a crop top, doesn't she? In fact, we are starting to think she might have just shrunk all her clothes in the wash and still hasn't got round to buying new ones:

Miley showed off her tum again last night. Copyright: [wenn]

Yet again, Miley was flashing a bit of toned tum this time in a teeny, tiny low cut black tee with some striped skinny jeans.

The star accessorized with a black beanie hat and a ton of gold jewelery.

Miley was leaving a video shoot where she had been filming with rappers Lil' Kim and Tiffany Foxx.

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It's still not been confirmed what they are working on, but Miley looked super excited to be there.

Unless she was just grinning after checking out her super toned fiigure in the mirror.

Well, considering the ridiculous amounts of yoga Miley does is it any wonder she wants to flaunt the results for all to see?

Miley looking teeny tiny last night. Copyright: [wenn]

However, despite looking like an earwig Miley has been blabbing on on Twitter about just how much fatty pizza she has been munching on.

She said: "Tooooo. Muuuuch. Pizzzzzza. Back on the health train tomorrow."

She continued: "I now remember why I never eat pizza. It makes me feel like s**t. Ate to much pizza and French fries. Yoga and a swim in the a.m."

And judging by today's snap, that was a very effective yoga and swim.

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