Miley Cyrus Raps About Booze And Does Strange Dance In Weird Instagram Videos

She was on her private jet at the time...

She's not exactly known for her shy and retiring nature.

Miley Cyrus posted some VERY odd snaps and videos to her Instagram account. Copyright [Instagram]Miley Cyrus posted some VERY odd snaps and videos to her Instagram account. Copyright [Instagram]

But Miley Cyrus left us with VERY raised eyebrows on Monday as she posted a series of seriously strange Instagram videos... and we thought she had nothing left to shock us with!

Clearly a bit bored as she jetted off to the next location on her world tour, the 21-year-old decided to keep herself amused by rapping, doing some very bizarre dance moves and smoking a cigarette.

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Erm, as you do on flights.

Anyway, the pop superstar posted her efforts to her Instagram account for the entire world to see...because, why the heck not, right?

While most of the population decide to kick back, read a mag and get some shut-eye while flying from country to country, Miley Cyrus HAS A RAVE.

In one of the vids, the star simply did a little freestyle rap for the camera, while in others there seemed to be a full-blown mid-air party going on.

She captioned one video: "F**king turn on the PJ ps no this isn't in FF."

While another read: "wtfishappening #wukong."

Clearly proud of the vids, Miley decided to direct all her Twitter followers to her Instagram account, writing: "Follow me on Instagram. I'm gettin into it."

While Miley might have seemed in high spirits, just hours before she's been tweeted about feeling homesick and down.

She wrote: "ya know when you just cry in the shower for no reason."

Followed up by: "so f**kin homesick."

Ahh - at least she's got the got the FUNNEST PLANE IN THE WORLD to get around in - things could be worse.

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