Miley Cyrus raids Marilyn Manson’s wardrobe, the transformation continues

Miley Cyrus flashed a whole load of leather and stomach, performing at last night's VH1 Divas concert:

Miley Cyrus is in there somewhere, under all the studs and leather. Copyright: [rex]

Miley's transformation into the ultimate rock chick continues, after she hit the stage in an outfit almost definitely borrowed off Marilyn Manson.

Well, after a quick fourteen hours in the tumble dryer any way.

Miley completed her new rock chick image with a performance of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell which impressed the audience and was a huge success.

Plus, it probably helped that the star already looked like Billy's long lost little sister before she even opened her mouth.

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She tried to distract us with her ridiculously toned abs, but we couldn't help but notice that of late, we hardly recognize old Disney star Miley.

We think it might be all the leather and studs getting in the way of our eyes.

But remember when she used to look like this?

Miley back in 2007. Copyright: [rex]

Now, that is the Miley we know and love.

We are all for a bit of a transformation and originally loved the new rather dramatic  peroxide 'do, but are a bit worried Miley just doesn't know where to stop.