Miley Cyrus posts topless Liam Hemsworth, says he loves the naked, hot boyfriend thing

Miley Cyrus is not one for keeping quiet about the fact that she has a seriously hot fiance.

Miley Cyrus uploaded this hot picture of Liam Hemsworth. Copyright [Instagram/MileyCyrus]

And she's made all the men in our lives feel inadequate (AGAIN) by posting a ridiculous topless snap of Liam Hemsworth on her Instagram page.

The 'Hannah Montana' star uploaded a photo of the Hunger Games star (complete with six-pack and ridiculous tan) in a pair of jeans and aviator shades at the beach.

Someone fan us now.

And according to Miley, the 23-year-old Aussie rather likes it when she shares his nakedness with the rest of womankind.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight in New York about speaking so openly about how hot her fiance is she said: “All these women are reading about sex in Cosmo, and then it’s like Liam naked in the pool. So he loves it, I’m sure… he’s like so happy.”

But she does realise that her behaviour could be deemed strange to other couples. She added: “I’m the only fiancée that pimps her fiancé out, like talks about how hot [he is].”

Meanwhile despite her own over-sharing, apparently the former Disney starlet is pretty peed off at Liam dishing all their juicy secrets to his brother Chris Hemsworth.

Apparently she doesn't want him to share their innermost bedroom secrets - even though she gossips to her girlies.

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