Miley Cyrus obsessed with One Direction’s Zayn Malik, join the club

Despite the fact that Miley Cyrus is engaged to one of the hottest guys on the planet, it seems she has a little celebrity crush on somebody else.

Miley Cryus and Zayn MalikMiley Cyrus has revealed she's spent hours 'stalking' Zayn Malik online. Copyright [WENN]

Miley Cyrus has revealed that during a night in with friends, they spent a considerable amount of time stalking One Direction's Zayn Malik online.

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Now, we definitely can't blame her for that one. One of our favourite past times is browsing through images of Zayn's pretty face and dreaming that he's our boyfriend.

So we're pretty pleased that Miley's joined our 'We love Zayn' club.

Zayn MalikZayn Malik in all his glory. Copyright [WENN]Miley took to Twitter to reveal her One Direction crush, telling followers: "Feel like I'm hangin with a 13 year old girl when I have sleepovers with gays! Weve spent an hour stalking Zayn from @onedirection." [sic]

She continued: "but gotta admit I love every second of it." [sic]

Miley Cyrus and Liam HemsworthMiley Cyrus is loved up with fiance Liam Hemsworth. Copyright [WENN]However, Zayn's girlfriend Little Mix's Perrie Edwards needn't worry about any competition for her man's affections, what with Miley Cyrus being absolutely smitten with Liam Hemsworth.

Rumours were rife a few weeks ago that the pair were close to tying the knot, but whether or not they're true Miley seems besotted.

She recently tweeted: "Where there is love there is magic." Naww.