Has Miley Cyrus MARRIED Liam Hemsworth?

Reports are circulating that Miley Cyrus has snuck off and married her fiance Liam Hemsworth while we have been busy stuffing our faces with mince pies.

We spy a ring! Copyright: [Instagram]

She probably thought we would be so knee deep in left over turkey and cold cuts that we wouldn't notice.

Y'see the pair have been posting pictures on Instagram over the festive season and our beady eyes couldn't help but spy what could be wedding bands.

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The two new diamond bands surrounding her 3.5-carat diamond engagement ring, while Liam can be seen wearing a dark-colored ring in the fun snap.

OK, so the rings don't look like typical wedding rings, but then again, Miley is not your typical bride.

Do we spy a wedding ring on Miley's finger? Copyright: [Instagram]

We wouldn't be surprised if the wedding had a PVC and chains theme, in fact nowadays we would expect no less.

This is all if they aren't secretly married already , of course.

Back in June, Liam has our eyebrows doing all sorts when he accepted an awards thanking Miley and saying he had married her.

Speaking at the Australians in Film Awards, Liam said:

“I was fortunate enough to get called back in to read with my now-fiancée, who I recently got engaged to,”

“And we read together and fell in love and now we’re married," he said before quickly adding, “Well, not married yet but we will be.”