We like Miley Cyrus’ new hair but we like her fiance Liam Hemsworth more

Pictures landed today of Miley Cyrus going for yet another Pilates session. We all did a yawn and got ready to set them aside and get on with our lives.

Until we caught of glimpse of her fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

Oi Miley, we well fancy your fiance! Copyright: [wenn]

Just how fit is he? Ok, so we have definitely thought this before but just never taken the time to fully bask in his beauty. He might even be fitter than Harry Styles. Actually, no, don't be ridiculous.

So all together now allow us to appreciate the gorgeous man. Anyone want to watch The Hunger Games again?

Liam-Hemsworth. Is. Fit. Copyright: [wenn]

Plus, looks like all those endless Pilates sessions have got Miley in shape as she left the centre looking super toned and svelte in her gym gear.

However, if Liam was our gym buddy we reckon we might get just a bit more use out of our membership. No wonder Miley is so keen.

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We also spied a sprig of brand new blonde hair sticking up, however, still kept securely up in a bun.

Miley kept her new 'do up in a bun. Copyright: [wenn]

We reckon her new haircut looks ace, however, Miley seems pretty reluctant to show off her new locks so perhaps she is not so sure.

Or so we thought until we saw this super confident Twitpic of Miley posing, showing off her new coloured 'do:

Miley tweeted this pic of her new hair. Copyright: [wenn]

While Miley looks happy enough to pose for her own photos, we get the feeling she might be getting more than a little peeved at others who might want to snap her. Namely, the paparazzi.

A couple of days ago Miley lashed out on Twitter at paparazzi who have taken to camping outside her LA home.

She tweeted angrily: "How is it legal for men I've never seen before to sit in front of my house and then follow me around! So shady and scary."

Cheer up Miley, sounds like you are stressed. Perhaps you should try some relaxing Pilates. Oh…