Miley Cyrus Distraught As Her Beloved Dog Floyd Unexpectedly Dies

Singer was away on tour when she heard the news

She's known for her devotion to her four legged friends.
Miley Cyrus' dog Floyd has passed away. Copyright [Twitter]
And now Miley Cyrus has been left distraught on finding out that her beloved dog Floyd has died while she is away on tour.

The 21-year-old singer took to Twitter to share her pain over the said news – and was inconsolable.

She tweeted:  “I don't wanna say it because I don't want it to be real... But my precious baby Floyd has passed away.

“I am broken. I know I don't mean it but I wish he would've taken me with him this is unbearable.”

She later added: “What am I gonna do without him? I am miserable.”
Miley Cyrus is distraught. Copyright [Twitter]
Miley also took the time to apologise to her fans in Boston if she didn’t give her all on stage tonight following the news.

“I'm sorry in advance if I am not myself tomorrow Boston. I will try my best to be my best,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Miley has been faced with the death of a pet after her two-year-old Yorkshire terrier Lila passed in 2012.

Taking to Twitter at the time, Miley wrote: “For everyone asking... I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken..... Lila my sweet baby girl has passed away.”
Miley Cyrus' Yorkshire Terrier Lila died in 2012. Copyright [Twitter]
Miley is still the proud owner of dogs Ziggy, Happy, and Mary Jane.

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Renowned for her love of her pets, it was reported that while engaged to Liam Hemsworth, the couple’s prenup stipulated that if they divorced she would get full custody of their dogs.

A report at the time claimed: “Miley is worth over $130 million and has no plans to lose her nest egg in case of divorce.

“She has a half-dozen dogs that are her babies - she doesn’t want to lose them.”

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