Miley Cyrus chops her hair off, Frankie Cocozza approves

Miley Cyrus has chopped off her hair and yesterday showcased her bold new 'do on Twitter.

Miley shows off her new cropped style. Copyright: [twitter/mileycyrus]

Miley must just love that hairdressers' chair — she's never out of it!

However, we're not sure what else she can do after this latest cut, there's hardly any left!

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And it seems that for Ms Cyrus, it's not just a hair cut — it's a whole new her.

She tweeted: "Never felt more me in my whole life"

Frankie reckons Miley looks 'bangin' Copyright: [twitter/mileycyrus]

A young man who knows a thing or two about dividing opinion with a hair 'do, X Factor reject Frankie Cocozza, definitely approves, tweeting:

'Hannah Montana just got BANGIN'!'

Maybe Miley will see the tweet, realize Frankie Cocozaa is the one for her, dump Liam Hemseworth and move to England?

Or, maybe not.

However, we admit that we couldn't agree with Frankie more — Miley looks hot.

Miley has been compared to Draco Malfoy on Twitter. Copyright: [twitter/ Miley Cyrus]

Saying this, not everyone has been as complimentary about Miley's new look.

On Twitter she has already been compared to Draco Malfoy, Justin Bieber and even Maculay Culkin to name a few.

In response to the criticism Miley tweeted:  "my dad used to tell me "opinions are are like ass holes every body has one" LOVE my hair ❤ feel so happy, pretty, and free"

She also said: "if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else's and it's going bye bye :)".

We just hope she doesn't change her mind, that will be a nightmare to grow out...