Michelle Keegan ‘struggling to trust’ Mark Wright? Eek.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are showbiz's hottest new couple. However, it seems that they could have run into trouble already.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan could be on the rocks already. Copyright [WENN]Following Michelle Keegan's split from Max George last year, it seems that the Coronation Street stunner is a bit cautious about her new relationship with Mark Wright.

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A source told Reveal: "He's got three strikes and then he's out. If he can't give a good explanation when a story comes out, then that's a strike. Michelle doesn't want to be raging at every half-baked story, she just wants to enjoy this new romance - but she's worried there's no smoke without fire."

Apparently Michelle Keegan is wary of trusting Mark Wright. Copyright [WENN]Just last week, a glamour model who claimed to have dated Mark last year warned Michelle Keegan about being with Mark.

She said: "He loves himself and the idea of fame, so being with a soap star will suit him for now. But Michelle should know what he's like and how he thinks. The truth is he's a cheat who uses women to get what he wants then runs a mile."

Uh oh.

Michelle Keegan was warned off Mark by his ex. Copyright [WENN]The pair have been dating for just a few months, with Mark Wright's TOWIE co-stars saying they're both happy.

Arg confirmed that he'd never seen Mark happier, and Sam Faiers said he'd fancied Michelle for ages.

Over the weekend the gorgeous couple were spied enjoying a romantic dinner - so we're hoping that things are all good between the pair.

Their babies would be TOO CUTE for them to split now.