Michelle Keegan stops Max George visiting puppy, this split just got messy

We were gutted when we heard that Michelle Keegan and Max George had split up, but this latest piece of news has upset us even more.

Michelle Keegan Max GeorgeMichelle Keegan is refusing to let Max George see their puppy. Copyright [WENN]Apparently, Michelle Keegan has stopped Max George from visiting their puppy - which is a pretty clear indication that she's a bit angry at her former fiance.

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It's been suggested that Michelle is refusing to pick up the phone to Max, but during the small conversations they have had, she's made it clear she doesn't want to see him.

A source said: "He's not on great terms with Michelle at the moment, especially after the whole sex text thing.

"She won't pick up the phone to him and has made it clear through the small conversations they've had he hasn't got a chance of visiting his pup."

Max George and Michelle KeeganMax and Michelle announced their split over the weekend. Copyright [WENN]The pup in question is a little chihuahua called Pip who is clearly caught in the middle of the angry pair.

In fact, this reminds us of a very similar situation between Lauren Goodger, Mark Wright and their pooch Wrighty when the TOWIE couple went their separate ways. And that didn't work out very well.

Michelle Keegan celebrating her birthdayMichelle Keegan was snapped celebrating her birthday a few weeks ago, but Max was absent. Copyright [WENN]The source continued: "Max loves the dog and if he wasn't on tour so much he would have Pip living with him.

"He's absolutely gutted about it, he had grown so close to him and feels like he's lost one of his best mates.

"He loved that dog and is furious that even though he splashed the cash on it he'll never see it again."

Oh dear.