Michelle Keegan reveals reason for calling off Max George engagement

We were shocked when Michelle Keegan and Max George called off their engagement, and since then the pair have kept quiet about the situation.

Michelle KeeganMichelle Keegan has spoken out about her relationship with Max George. Copyright [Rex]

Despite both Michelle Keegan and Max George confirming that their relationship is fine, neither has revealed the reason for calling off the engagement.

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However, Michelle Keegan has finally spoken out, explaining that she was the one to decide to postpone the wedding.

Michelle told Fabulous magazine: "We're not engaged any more, but not because we fell out or there was an argument. It was just there was no chance of us getting married any time soon because of our schedules."

She continued: "He's away in America most of the time now and we just had a word about it. I'm a traditionalist so if I'm engaged, I want to get married and that's not happening soon."

"I was getting asked by everyone: 'Have you set a date? Have you been shopping with your mum? Have you chosen your dress?" So we just thought that we'd just say we're not engaged and then nobody will ask and there's no pressure."

Max George and Michelle KeeganMax George and Michelle Keegan are still very happy. Copyright [Rex]Michelle went on to explain why the couple haven't spoken about their relationship.

She said: "I'm quite private, especially with my relationships. Max and I have never done a joint interview or talked about it, but it's going really well. I keep seeing reports saying he's proposed again and I honestly don't know where that's coming from."

The Coronation Street stunner went on to reveal what she loves the most about Max. Aside from being blimmin' fit, that is.

She said: "Max is just so down to earth, such a nice, genuine guy. He's a proper gentleman as well. We just do normal things. We don't tend to go to big clubs together, we're quite happy just chilling with a takeaway or going to a local pub."