Michelle Keegan ‘getting very flirty’ with rugby star Mark Flanagan

Looks like Michelle Keegan might have moved on from her ex, Max George, in the fit form of rugby player chap Mark Flanagan.

Michelle has pulled a fit rugby man! Copyright: [wenn]

The pair are believed to be texting non-stop since they got flirty at a pal's party and Michelle is reported to be 'very keen' on Mark.

Now, we've checked out this Mark and although we know absolutely zero about rugby we certainly know that this player is a fit one, definitely hot enough for our lovely Michelle.

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If there was ever the ideal way to get over Max George, than we reckon this fitty is most probably just the thing.

A source told The Mirror that the couple seem to have really hit it off and are planning plenty more dates.

The source says: "Michelle and Mark really hit it off. They've been texting quite a bit, teasing and flirting with each other, and they're planning to get together again soon."

Michelle loves ruggers, appaz! Copyright: [wenn]

And little did we know but unlike us, Michelle is pretty sporty: "Michelle is a fan of rugby league and he's definitely her type. It's early days but watch this space."

To be fair, we're big fans of rugby league, mainly perving on the players but that's the main bit of the game, right?

However, there is one slight problem, Michelle used to date Mark's teammate Jon Wilkin.

That could get awkward in the locker rooms…