Michelle Keegan dresses up as Cheryl Cole, even dons fake leg tattoo

We know that Cheryl Cole is a big fan of Coronation Street, so we reckon she'll be taking these photos of Michelle Keegan dressed as her as a serious compliment.

Michelle Keegan does her best Cheryl Cole impressionMichelle Keegan does her best Cheryl Cole impression. Copyright [heat magazine]

Michelle Keegan did her best Cheryl Cole impression for heat magazine's annual stars-dressing-up-as-each-other photoshoot.

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Michelle Keegan wore the same outfit as Cheryl Cole wore in her Call My Name video.

We reckon only Michelle and Cheryl can get away with the blazer and TINY hotpants combination.

Michelle Keegan dressed as Cheryl ColeMichelle Keegan looked very like Cheryl Cole. Copyright [heat magazine]Michelle was so committed to looking the spitting image of Cheryl that she even donned a fake leg tattoo.

However, the modest actress said she could never be as hot as Cheryl because 'that's impossible'.

Errr, we reckon you're pretty blimmin' perfect, Michelle.

She went on to say that she has in the past been compared to Chezza.

Cheryl ColeThe REAL Cheryl Cole. Copyright [PR image]Michelle revealed: "I've been told occasionally I look a bit like her. I think it's the dark hair and eyes."

And the smoking hot body?

Michelle Keegan went on to reveal what she'll be getting up to this Christmas - and it sounds about as relaxed as possible.

She said: "I've just been working so much that I'm just looking forward to seeing my family and chilling out... and eating, watching films. I love Christmas."