Michelle Keegan cooks Mark Wright the ‘best meal he’s ever had’ for Valentine’s Day, wins lots of girlfriend points

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan spent their first Valentine's Day together last night, and it seems Michelle has SERIOUSLY impressed her new boyfriend.

Mark Wright and Michelle KeeganMark Wright and Michelle Keegan had their first Valentine's Day together yesterday. Copyright [WENN]Instead of preparing her a slap up meal, Mark Wright let Michelle Keegan do all the cooking, and he was thrilled with the results.

Mark Wright took to Twitter to post a photo of the meal, which appeared to be a rack of lamb on a bed of mashed potato, with a generous helping of gravy and a few greens on the side.

Mark Wright posted a photo of the slap up meal. Copyright [Mark Wright]Yep, we know the lingo, we should totally be on Masterchef.

Mark posted the image alongside the caption: "Quite possibly the best homemade dinner iv ever had !! Valentines day is now my favourite day !! #TheGirlDidGood !!"

And we all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so we reckon Michelle Keegan is probably basking in the 'amazing girlfriend' glory.

Michelle KeeganMichelle Keegan won herself a lot of girlfriend points. Copyright [WENN]Michelle and Mark only went public with their relationship a few weeks ago, but it seems things are developing very nicely indeed.

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However, there were reports earlier in the week that Mark Wright, 26, was getting a bit JEL of Michelle Keegan's sexy photo shoots.

Well, after she cooked him the best meal he's ever had, we reckon all will be forgiven.

But next time, we think Mark should get himself in the kitchen.