Michelle Keegan answers back to an internet troll after she lets Mark Wright cheating jibes get to her

Michelle Keegan got into a right old spat on Twitter yesterday after one of her followers accused Mark Wright of cheating on her.

Michelle and her BOOBS at Bafta (where did THOSE come from?!) Copyright: [rex]

It all started with just one tweet...

Clearly in an introspective sort of mood, Michelle wrote: "Sometimes, you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand back up taller than you ever were."

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To which one rather gobby user replied: "Hahaha has he cheated already??? U mugged yourself off there luv. You were respectable once."

A clear reference to Michelle's new boyf, Mark Wright.

Mich and Mark are dating and super loved up. Copyright: [rex]

Now at this point it probably would have been wise for the Corrie star to ignore her haters, alas Michelle rose to the bait and wrote back.

She wrote back with a very succinct imperative: "Shut up you d*ck!"

Yep, celebs get sweary too sometimes, appaz.

After a quick browze of the user's profile, Michelle added: "U mugged yourself off by getting that tattoo on your neck!"

To which the guy quickly replied: "Stop looking at my profile pic then u mong. Ain't u got lines to learn??? Please don't set your bf on me!!! Hahahahaha bore off."

Michelle then clearly couldn't resist one final swipe, saying: "Bore off'??? Mate your wearing shades in a pub!!!! Need I say more!!!! #cringe"

At this point the user admitted defeat, saying: "She done me to be fair!! Decent bants Keegan! Top draw."

Michelle -1. Troll - 0.

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