Michelle Heaton tweets cute photos of baby Faith, we melt

Michelle Heaton said shortly after the birth of her daughter that she'd be keeping Twitpics of the little 'un to a minimum.

Michelle Heaton's baby, Faith Michelle HanleyMichelle Heaton tweeted this adorable picture of Faith. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]So we were excited to see these adorable photos of Michelle Heaton's baby, Faith Hanley, this morning.

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In fact, we spent quite a large chunk of our morning cooing over her cute little face, as our hearts melted.

Michelle was heading to a Virgin Active event, and so naturally Faith was dressed in her best sportswear as well.

Michelle Heaton's daughter, Faith HanleyMichelle Heaton also tweeted this cute photo of Faith. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]Faith wore a pair of white combat trousers, a Virgin Active T shirt, and even a pair of baby Converse trainers.

And we think the bow headband is the perfect touch - a girl needs to keep her hair out of her eyes at the gym.

Michelle Heaton's post-baby bodyMichelle Heaton showed off her post-baby body at the Virgin Active event today. Copyright [Rex]Michelle Heaton tweeted the first picture showing Faith wide awake and pouting for the camera along with the caption: "Baby faith all ready In her @VirginActiveUK top for the ‪#triathlon launch.. Youngest ever triathlon competitor lol x."

Within a few moments, though, Faith had fallen asleep sucking on her blinged up dummy. She.is.adorable.

So adorable in fact, that she's clearly got Michelle thinking about baby number two.

Yesterday Michelle Heaton tweeted: "Faith is 6 months next Wednesday.. Wow how time has flew.... Getting ready for the next ; )" [sic]