Michelle Heaton talks diet pills addiction, admits constant battle with weight during Liberty X

Michelle Heaton is a self confessed fitness freak, is married to a personal trainer and has a body to die for.

Michelle HeatonMichelle Heaton during her time in Liberty X (left) and now (right)However, Michelle Heaton has revealed that it wasn't always that way, with her making an emotional confession on last night's Big Reunion that during the height of Liberty X's fame, she battled an addiction to diet pills.

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We knew that Michelle Heaton had used diet pills in the past to control her weight, but she's never 'fessed up so honestly about the shocking effects her addiction had.

Michelle Heaton during Liberty X's hey day.Michelle Heaton during Liberty X's hey day. Copyright [PA]Michelle was visibly emotional as she revealed: "It's a very sad time when I look at me in the video. I was ever so large.

"At the time I was addicted to slimming pills. I took them every single day. I took them because I was scared of putting on weight."

She went on to explain that her addiction quickly got out of hand and effected her heart.

Michelle Heaton at the NTAs last week.Michelle Heaton at the NTAs last week. Copyright [WENN]The Liberty X singer said: "I was lying on my couch and my heart started going into an irregular pattern I got rushed to A&E and they were convinced it was cocaine which is something I’ve never done."


Michelle Heaton had a pacemaker fitted last year but still suffers scary attacks where her heart stops.

She recently said: "It's frightening. It happened just the other day when I was at home with Faith and the first thing I think of is getting help. I thought: "I must make people aware if I pass out." So I ran to my front door and I opened it, just in case, so I could pass out on my street."

We're just glad that Michelle is happy and healthy now.