Michelle Heaton shows off post-baby weight loss, reveals her secrets and hits back at critics

Michelle Heaton is back to her pre-baby figure just five months after giving birth to Faith.

Michelle Heaton, post-baby weight lossMichelle Heaton shared a shot of her post-baby weight loss. Copyright [Twitter/Michelle Heaton]

We are totally wowed by Michelle Heaton's toned abs just months after she welcomed her first child, daughter Faith in January.

Michelle Heaton tweeted before/during/after pictures last night: "Check pic guys-thought it would fall off after going birth-I was wrong-it's been a long 5 months! But I'm back! Whoop"

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Her husband Hugh Hanley first shared the pictures tweeting: "Check wife @wonderwomanshel as she reaches her goal of returning to her pre baby weight.It's to inspire not to hate !!"

He added: "These pictures are un airbrushed and taken on a iPhone... Shel worked out at home and achieved her results like anyone can with dedication."

Michelle Heaton, pregnantMichelle Heaton pregnant at the end of November. Copyright [Wenn]

Following huge numbers of comments on the pictures, Michelle Heaton tweeted: "Thank u guys, really appreciate all the lovely comments.. For help and ideas check out our fitness page."

She directed Twitter followers to her and Hugh's Fitness and Nutrition Facebook page, where they share their diet and health secrets.

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However, Michelle Heaton also received a lot of criticism on Twitter too, with followers suggesting she was able to spend time working out by hiring a nanny, a claim Michelle denies.

Michelle Heaton explained: "I work out at home or gym in weekend when husband at home!"

Michelle Heaton, post-baby weight lossMichelle Heaton was already looking trim in February just one month after giving birth. Copyright [Wenn]

As Michelle Heaton had an emergency Caesarean with Faith, she had to wait eight weeks before she could start training again.

The former Liberty X singer explained: "I train during the week in living room dancing around .. Like an idiot lol, Weekends at gym when hugh home."

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This morning, Michelle was met by plenty of comments on her post-baby weight loss pictures.

In response to various questions about her diet and exercise regime, Michelle Heaton recommended scrambled eggs on whole grain bagel plus bran flakes and explained she spends 45 minutes working out while baby Faith sleeps.

Michelle Heaton, baby FaithMichelle Heaton has also shared pictures of her adorable baby Faith. Copyright [Twitter/Michelle Heaton]

Michelle Heaton added: "So funny how some people don't believe that basic hard work, focus and a great supportive husband can achieve what I did.....

".... I DO NOT have a nanny, Jesus, if I could afford a nanny it would have been quicker than 5 months! Having a nanny is never an option...

"...Hugh did train me, once a week in the gym, but the rest of my workouts were AT home while faith took her nap or played in bouncer.,.

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"...no nannies, no baby sitters, no excuses guys! If u wanna feel good about yourself you do it! Simple! Stop looking for excuses! #rantover"

She finished with: "And no, I'm not dissing nannies. I'm just saying I didn't have any. Look, exercise helps, but it really is about what u eat! And when!"