Michelle Heaton shows off extreme weight loss at Big Reunion Show, has been dieting and working out HARD

Michelle Heaton got back on stage last night for the Big Reunion show, flaunting her extreme weight loss and AMAZING new body after weeks of strict dieting and exercise.

Michelle Heaton showed off her extreme weight loss at last night's Big Reunion show. Copyright [Michelle Heato …Michelle was determined to look better than ever before, and we have to admit, we reckon her body looks hotter now than it did in Liberty X's hey day.

The Liberty X singer flaunted her weight loss in a VERY sexy PVC outfit consisting of a crop top and leggings.

Michelle Heaton shows off her impressive weight loss in a revealing PVC outfit. Copyright [Rex]And where she once struggled with the fact that her Liberty X bandmates were naturally skinnier than her, last night she looked slimmer than ever.

Michelle even retweeted a comment from one of her fans which compared an old picture of her and a snap from last night which was posted with the comment: "Michelle Heaton looks so much better now! #babe."

Michelle Heaton before she lost all the weight. Copyright [Rex]After changing out of her PVC outfit, Michelle slipped into another equally revealing leotard teamed with long black boots, which showed off her skinny legs.

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However, the singer, 32, who's mum to one year old Faith, recently revealed that losing the weight for the Big Reunion show has been tough.

Michelle Heaton's second outfit in the show also highlighted her weight loss. Copyright [Rex]She explained: "I weigh 8st 4lbs. I won't stay like this all year round, though, because it's no fun being so strict about what I eat and working out twice a day - I like my food and wine too much!"

Michelle Heaton continued: "It's not sustainable. After the first gig I'll relax and treat myself at weekends. Then a couple of weeks before the Big Reunion tour in May, I'll be strict with myself again."

We say kick back, relax and tuck into a burger or something. You've blimmin' well earned it, Michelle.

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